Zalman ZM-NC2000 Minimized Noise Cooler For Notebooks Review

This cooling pad is known for its ability to cool down your laptop while generating minimal sound. It is one of the best cooling pads as it evenly cools the underside of your device.

It can lower temperature up to fifteen degrees Celsius. This solves any overheating problems you may be facing. The fans are quiet and barely make any sound even when being run at their maximum speed. Unlike other cooling fans, which come with a basic on and off switch, the Zalman Minimized Noise cooler comes with a jog wheel that allows you to adjust the fan speed according to whatever you may be doing on your laptop.

While it is not heavy, this cooling pad is highly substantial and sturdy. It has a sleek design which makes it different from other plastic cooling pads as it comes with a DSA treated aluminum surface. It comes with a rubber grip strip that helps to keep your device in place and will not let it move around. It also has an extra USB port that can be used for any extra USB device such as a mouse. The angle of the pad makes it convenient for typing. It also comes with feet that flip up so you can adjust the height of your cooling pad according to your preference.

The Zalman Minimized Noise Cooler’s various features make its price reasonable and it is a highly efficient and convenient product that you should not hesitate to invest in. It is composed of different materials in a one body design that make it look simple and sleek.

Overall, it is a product that is worth its price and it will prevent your laptop from suffering from overheating. You will not regret buying this as it is one of the best products available in the market at the moment.

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Zalman ZM-NC2000 Cooler For Notebooks Rating

A durable laptop cooling mat with aluminum top and adjustable fan speed settings for most optimal settings. No flashy LED'S and very quiet fan that cools the laptop really well.

  • High quality 3mm thick aluminum panel
  • Truly silent fan
  • Adjustable fan speed settings
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very durable build quality
  • A bit pricey
  • Different versions for different sizes of laptop
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
Zalman ZM-NC2000 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

An aerodynamically designed laptop cooling mat with minimized fan noise and very good performance.