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A laptop cooling pad is an accessory used to lower the temperature of your laptop when it heats up due to excessive operation. They prevent the laptop from damage by overheating while also making laptop usage more comfortable as overheating laptops can cause discomfort or even burns. While many people are dubious of this products capability, it has proven to be able to lower a laptop’s temperature by at least 20 degrees.

What is the purpose of a cooling pad?

A cooling pad is a useful accessory that benefits your laptop in many ways. They enhance the performance of your laptops CPU and GPU which generate the most heat and are vital to optimum laptop performance.

Cooling pads keep your laptop at an ideal temperature regardless of the temperature in the environment it has been placed in. If your surrounding temperature is high, it will cause your laptop to heat up faster.

Cooling pads also help in countering the issue of discomfort of the user. An overheated laptop can cause the user to experience soreness in their limbs because the lap is not an ideal place to position your laptop. Your lap may also block the air vents of the laptop, which will prevent airflow and cause rapid overheating.

How many types of cooling pads are there?

There are two types of laptop cooling pads, active coolers and passive coolers. Active coolers work with the help of rotary fans that work by circulating the heat generated by the laptop. There may be a maximum of six fans in a laptop cooling pad. Active coolers are powered either by a USB port in the laptop or a power adapter. Some cooling pads also come with their own built-in USB port. Active coolers either draw heat away from the laptop or blow air onto the heated surface. Fan speed can be adjusted or it may come with a fixed speed.

Passive cooling pads work by being made of a thermally conductive material that doesn’t require power. The thermally conductive material is generally an organic salt that possesses the ability to absorb the heat generated by the laptop. These pads can run for around six to eight hours. Other passive fans simply lift the laptop so the built-in laptop fans can work with greater efficiency.

Passive fans with conductive material are however not recommended for laptops with vents at the bottom as they may block the airflow in the vents causing the laptop to heat up. If your laptop’s air vents are on the side, then a conductive cooling pad is safe to use.

Multipurpose coolers are the latest advancement as they give the user many convenient features alongside temperature control. They come with card readers, serve as a desk and even come with space on which the user can write or place additional materials.

Best Cooling Pad Features

  • Laptop cooling pads come with multiple variant features such as:
  • Multiple number of fans depending on your laptop model
  • Fan speed can be adjusted manually or automatically
  • The vents are made with a mesh design that helps in better airflow
  • The cooling pads are made of either plastic or metals that are sturdy
  • Several USB ports
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