Thermaltake A22 Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Review

It is important for any laptop user to find some way to keep their laptop cool in order to ensure efficient performance. Laptops heat up rather quickly which is why it is necessary for you to invest in a product like this laptop cooling pad which makes sure that your laptop stays working in an optimal condition. Thermaltake A22 is an innovative cooling mat with dual fans & adjustable temperature sensor.


This cooling pad is best for ten to seventeen inch Notebook computers. You can place them onto this cooling pad and they will remain securely there and will not budge around. There is no risk of the laptop slipping off.


This product has been designed in order to cater to every possible need that one would expect from a good cooling pad. The design is simple but elegant and has a modern look. The black color gives it a modern look and you can adjust the cooling pad in order to set your laptop in the most suitable position for you. The cooling pad is ergonomic and convenient to use.


This cooling pad has been made from the finest quality of aluminum and plastic. These materials are able to withstand any thermal exchange and absorb heat efficiently. They are also not vulnerable to mechanical damage so that you can easily use the cooling pad without having to be overly cautious of any sort of damage that could happen.

Fan Speed

This cooling pad comes with an incomparable ventilation system that has a fan speed of 1000 R.P.M. The dual fans speed can be adjusted both manually and automatically so that you can set it in accordance to your laptops needs.  This ensures a steady and constant flow of air. Even with dual fans, the fans noise remains under 31 dBA which is quite good.

Air Flow & Pressure

The product has airflow of 61.27 CFM and the air pressure is measured at around 1.59 mm-H2O. These high values are so that you will be able to tackle any overheating issues no matter how high the temperature is. The superior technology allows this cooling pad to control even the highest temperatures


9 Total Score
Thermaltake Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Rating

It has a vast array of appealing features, such as the temperature sensor and the control panel, which sets it apart from other cooling pads. Once you get this product, you will no longer gave to worry about any overheating issues that could threaten your laptop’s safety.

  • Dual 120 mm fans
  • Adjustable temperature sensor
  • Aluminum Panel
  • Multi-function display panel for information
  • 3 years warranty
  • 2 USB ports
  • A21 model has 1 fan only (order A22)
  • No anti-slip material
  • Doesn't fit MacBook Pro
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)
Thermaltake Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Review

An innovative and technological advanced laptop cooling pad featuring 2 extra quiet fans with adjustable temperature sensor.