Logitech N315 Portable Lapdesk and Cooling Pad Review

The Logitech portable lapdesk and cooling pad is one of the best lapdesks for netbook and notebook computer users. Its slim and light design makes it highly portable and can be slid into a laptop bag with ease. Its distinct features include its anti-slip top which makes sure that it stays put. It is easily washable. It is not affected by your seating position as the lapdesk will work no matter what way you sit, giving you maximum comfort.

The lapdesk fits into any suitcase or laptop bag easily, which makes it convenient for frequent travelers. This is an affordable yet highly functional and reliable product. The rubberized texture of the material prevents the lapdesk from sliding off the surface where it has been placed.

The pullout mouse pad is a useful feature. There is a rim across the retractable mouse pad which prevents the mouse from falling off when the balance is upset. The mouse tray is small but wide enough and provides sufficient space. However, the smaller space gives the lapdesk eta-i.org/xanax.html greater portability. This is why this is the best lapdesk for those who are constantly on the go as it will make it easier for them to take their computers with them without any sort of hindrance.

While this lapdesk lacks the usual padding, flexible lights and cooling fans, this is excusable because this gives it greater compactness and makes it easier to manage.

This is one of the best lapdesks available and is a highly functional and useful product for all laptop computer users. The lapdesk is highly durable and the user can work on their computer for long periods of time without being concerned about the heat being conducted from the laptop. The lapdesk helps in keeping the laptop stable regardless of the working conditions. The Logitech lapdesk is a product of great value that many customers would be satisfied to invest in.

8.5 Total Score
Logitech N315 Portable Lapdesk and Cooling Pad Rating

Logitech N315 Portable Lapdesk enables to use laptop on lap freely without any heating or discomfort. It is ultralight and thin but with a very sturdy built and excellent performance.

  • Very well built & performance
  • Best cooling mat for lap
  • Built-in Retractable mouse pad
  • Very thin and light
  • Anti-slip & washable surface
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Only for laptops up to 15.6 inches
  • Mouse pad is not smooth
  • No height adjustments
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
Logitech N315 Portable Lapdesk and Cooling Pad Review

A sophisticated and multi functional laptop cooling pad that offers performance with elegance.