Cooler Master Storm SF-17 – Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The CM storm cooling pad comes with many excellent features that make it a brilliant product that gives maximum performance at a low price.

The 180 mm fan is silent but also powerful and dissipates heat efficiently. A single large fan is preferable instead of two smaller ones as it gives even distribution of any heat generated while producing less noise. The fan speed dial is of great quality with a tough build. The fans blow air up to the laptop from the underside and prevent it from being damaged by overheating even if heavy applications are being run as this anti-anxiety cooling pad is specially designed for gaming applications that are known to generate a large amount of heat that could harm the laptop if it is being used for a long time.

There are four available height and angle adjustments that make it ergonomic and is a convenient feature for the user. There are also four USB ports that increase the connectivity of your device and can be used to plug in a mouse.

The grooved edges are provided for easier routing and cable management is simpler when using this cooling pad. There is stability even at high angles due to the sturdy laptop retention tabs. This cooling pad works with laptops up to nineteen inches in size.

This is comfortable to use even when placed on your lap. Even though it does not come with a mesh underside, the plastic prevents the heat from reaching your legs. The fab speed dial comes with an On/Off button used for fan operation is highly beneficial as turning it off before removing the USB cord lengthens the life of the cooling pad.

The light-up affect lets you know when the cooling pad is on with red LEDs that give it an attractive look. The rubber handles increase portability and makes it easier to carry around.

This cooling pad is efficient and comes with a wide range of appealing features that make it a popular and easy-to-use product will giving best performance at a low price.

Cooler Master SF-17 Price

CoolerMaster SF17 cooling pad retail price is around $55. It is easily available on several reputable online ecommerce sites at that price. Some sites may have different price based on your shipping location and duration but overall it should be under $60.

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CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Rating

CM Storm SF-17 is built for users with heavy usage of laptops like gaming. The 180 mm fan can be adjusted from 700 - 1,200 RPM and the pad features 4 adjustable heights for optimal computing.

  • 4 USB ports for expanding connectivity
  • 4 ergonomic height adjustments for comfortable working
  • 180 mm high performance fan which can be set from 700 - 1,200 RPM
  • Too thick to carry in a bag
  • The metal top is a bit slippery
  • Not so great for 17" laptops
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)
Cooler Master SF-17 Gaming Laptop Cooler Review

CM Storm SF-17 is a gaming laptop cooling mat by CoolerMaster featuring a powerful 180 mm fan for high performance with quiet operation.